Tianjin Leading Import & Export Co., Ltd.
established since 1997, is one of the professional global providers of dyes and pigments, which is widely used in the industry of textile, leather, paper, wood, plastic, coating, ceramic, detergent, cosmetics, metal, petroleum, and agriculture.
Especially, we focus our work on manufacture, R&D, and marketing of textile dyes and textile auxiliaries. With qualified product and full-range technical support, our performance is satisfied by all the customers from various countries.
Look back into ourselves with an attitude of respect, see what we are as we really are,enhance our advantages with full self-confidence.Look at other people with an attitude of respect,discover what they are as they really are,digest their advantages and learn from them.
Be good at building deep and mutual understanding through effective communication with our colleagues, so that to work jointly and win a new progress.
Come to know your authentic self, accept that you will be wiser and more perfect.Come to discover our customers’ requirement, accept that you will create demand.